Tecmeout | Cloud Services
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Cloud Services

Cloud Desktop

Maximize Productivity, Reliability, and Profits with Tecmeout’s custom and scalable VDI solutions

Private Cloud

The private cloud gives each company their own dedicated servers which is implemented safely within the corporate firewall. A private cloud provides more control over the company's data, and it ensures security.

Cloud Server

Cloud Server- Fully customize your cloud server and pay as you go. • Scalable Solutions • Pay as you Go • Fully Control your Cloud Server • Much More

Cloud Files

Tecmeout’s Cloud Files are the easiest and best way to share small or large business file up to 10GB with one person or the whole company. Just upload your file, enter an email address, and hit send! • Secure • Easy to use

Cloud Backup

Choose what you want to back up. Just a file or the whole system, the options are endless. Select a batch of files and folders or Individually select the files and folders from the time frame you want or start fresh and restore it all to a new server.

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